Craig Stolpestad

Client Feedback on Craig Stolpestad How fast did your agent respond to your questions: 4 out of 5 How well did your agent use technology: 5 out of 5 How helpful was the support staff: 4 out of 5 How good was the auxiliary services we recommended: 5 out of 5 How did the closing go: 5 out of 5 How close did we meet your expectations: 5 out of 5 How likely are you to recommend us: 5 out of 5 Services used: Sell How did you find us: Other Your most memorable moment Craig is a great guy. He went above and beyond the line of duty installing the water filter under the sink and calling Culligan to have the old system removed. Hats off to Craig. The moment you'd rather forget? I really cant think of anything. Testimonial We used Craig to sell my Mom's house after she passed away. Craig guided us through every step and even jumped in at the last minute when we needed a water filter installed. I would definitely use Craig again. - Dan Muench, Prior Lake, MN Referral I will always give Craig the referral if I know of anyone who needs a relator in the NW suburbs.

by Dan Muench
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